Anthology Roundup Part 1: Demons

by Brian on November 8, 2011

in Fiction

Autumn has turned into anthology season, with several appearances clustering all at once. First up, it’s Demons, which also bears the epic subtitle “Encounters With The Devil And His Minions, Fallen Angels, And The Possessed.” Edited by John Skipp, who I’m pretty sure is in the dictionary in the picture next to “Living Legend.”

Huge in size, huge in scope. Do not drop this thing on any small animal whose life you value. It weighs in at 632 pages, with 37 stories (most new, some classics) by the likes of Robert R. McCammon, Neil Gaiman, David J. Schow, Karl Edward Wagner, Bentley Little, and bunches more. Stellar company, all around.

My contribution is a longish piece called “Scars In Progress,” which I expect will be the only story I ever write whose title comes from misreading some dull technical material I was scanning (the phrase was actually “scans in progress”).

I’m very gratified by the story’s thumbnail assessment on Facebook by fellow contributor Adam-Troy Castro: “Old lover has photos of demons, dragging protagonist along. An astounding evocation of decay and despair, as creepy as anything I’ve read so far.”

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