Same site. Brand new look. Totally new innards.

by Brian on November 6, 2011

in Site News

As threatened, and only marginally later than anticipated — give or take a margin — here’s my overhauled site. I hope you’ll like it as much as I will, once I forget how time-consuming it was just to get to this point.

The place now bears a striking family resemblance to my blog, Warrior Poet, although the changes go more than skin deep. If it were human, you could say it’s undergone a substantial body recomposition. Some old, irrelevant stuff has been pruned away. Some new stuff added. More new stuff to come.

Most significantly, it’s now built on WordPress, primarily known as blogging software, but which also makes a righteous foundation for a more traditional web site.

The advantages of this? So glad you asked…

  • Easier for you to get around and search.
  • Much easier for me to tweak, maintain, and expand.
  • Much, much easier for me to update without having to crowbar everything into a rigid grid.
  • And nothing ever need be lost to make room for something else.

Now, where’s that other gallon of coffee…?

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